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SWING with us

Live jazz concerts, Swing vintage events, performances with Swing dancers and Lindyhoppers or private events. Have a look at some of our vidéos. 

Live swing concert Jazz festival, Theatre Forum, Chauny, France JUNE 2018 - "In cerca di te"
Live swing concert Jazz festival, Theatre Forum, Chauny, France JUNE 2018 - "Buonasera signorina"
"Spaghetti a Detroit" - Live jazz, swing festival, Theatre Forum Chauny, France JUNE 18
Live jazz concert in Bruxelles at  La Ferme Rose 
"I wanna be like you" JUNE 18
Italian swing jazz, Bruxelles "Ma l'amore no" 2017
Live swing jazz lindy hop dancers @ La Tentation, Brussels, "Comes Love" 2017
Live swing concert, Italian jazz - La Ferme Rose, Bruxelles "Torpedo blu" JUNE 2018
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